Tsunagari Farm

We want you to be at your best! We will deliver you our seasonal best from Tokushima!

Tsunagari Farm is run by us, a family unit, who plant things which we want to eat ourselves for the year. We love eating! We are now in an endeavor to be well seasoned farmers by planting what we want to eat and making snacks and pickles from what the earth gives us.
We want to bring happiness to every aspect of life, so that all of us can feel happy together!
We will deliver and want to deliver the very best to you from the bottom of our hearts!

From the Farm Mom,Toshie called Tosshi

I am the Mom of the farm, Toshie Tsuji. I farm with my husband and our four kiddie monsters. I will show you our farm's very special features.

We use weeds for compost!We grow vegetables throughout a year.

Every good thing comes from the good preparation of the soil.The Key is the soil!
We don't use chemicals. We pull out weeds from the roots, sprinkle rice bran and ferment them to use it for fertilizer. We don't use herbicides, either. We grow our favorite vegetables using weed compost and the best fit soil for the seasons' yummiest vegetables !

Our farms very special features: continue

Farm Snack

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They are “hard” and crunchy! They are made from uncooked soybean curd byproducts from a tofu shop in town and rice powder from Komekko Kobo in Komatsushima. These snacks are very popular with young children and people with allergies.
Gluten-free and vegan-Friends

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Tsunagari Farm
4-55 Yokosu-cho, Komatsushima City, Tokushima

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